We at Reclaimed Wood Solutions offer a variety of beautiful reclaimed wood products for homes and businesses alike. That being said, many people who have heard of us may not understand the fundamentals of what we do. For example, one common question we get asked is, “What exactly is reclaimed wood?”


So, What Is Reclaimed Wood?

On a basic level, reclaimed wood is essentially old wood that has been revitalized to serve a new purpose. While metal, plastic, and other new materials have risen in popularity throughout the years, wood remains among our oldest and most trusted crafting materials due to its durability and versatility.

Where Does Reclaimed Wood Come From?

Reclaimed wood can come from anything that has been built or created using wood! Popular sources include old structures like barns, bridges, warehouses, and factories because of the natural beauty of aged wood. Additionally, reclaimed wood can be taken from railcars, workstations, chairs, tables, and construction sites.

Why Should I Be Interested In Reclaimed Wood?

At Reclaimed Wood Solutions, we believe that there a many reasons why reclaimed wood is the way to go!

Distinct Beauty

One of the most popular reasons for using reclaimed wood and lumber is the distinct beauty that comes with the age, processing, and craftsmanship of old wood. So many people have fallen in love with the specific appearance and character of reclaimed wood that today’s wood products simply cannot match.

Solid Construction

Whether you are repurposing wooden beams from an old barn or pieces from an old furniture set, there is a solid feel to more aged wood that is difficult to find in modern times. Today’s era of boxed, assemble-at-home furniture doesn’t hold a candle to the sturdy construction that used to be much more commonplace.

Environmental Concerns

If you care about the environment, reclaimed wood is an excellent choice! Obviously, repurposing wood is much better for the environment than cutting down more trees and processing that lumber. And again, you simply cannot match the beauty and character that comes with reclaimed wood!

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us!