What Exactly Is Reclaimed Wood?

We at Reclaimed Wood Solutions offer a variety of beautiful reclaimed wood products for homes and businesses alike. That being said, many people who have heard of us may not understand the fundamentals of what we do. For example, one common question we get asked is, “What exactly is reclaimed wood?” So, What Is Reclaimed [...]

Using Reclaimed Wood For Wall Accents

A wall accent stands out because of having a different color, design, or material from the rest of your home or business. Reclaimed lumber makes the best wall accents because of its aesthetic appeal and acts as a good insulator for heat. Here's a brief guide on using reclaimed wood for wall accents. How Do [...]

10 Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood comes from old beams and planks that are repurposed for new buildings or structures. This wood is popular with interior designers because it's the best material for creating a rustic ambiance inside pubs, restaurants, and even residences. That's why we've compiled this list of 10 ways to use reclaimed wood. 10 Ways You [...]

Is Reclaimed Wood Expensive?

There’s no doubt that reclaimed wood can add much to your home or office. It’s beautiful, durable, eco-friendly, and versatile — you can use it in anything from siding to accent walls to benches or tables. But one question on the minds of many customers is the cost. Is reclaimed wood expensive? And if it [...]

Can Reclaimed Wood Be Used Outdoors?

Many homeowners, business owners, or interior designers love to use reclaimed wood for furniture, shelving, or accent walls. It has all the beauty of any other natural wood, plus the character that comes with wood that has been repurposed from a past life. Plus, reclaimed wood is a great option for the environment, as it [...]

4 Reasons To Choose Reclaimed Wood Over Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is often mistaken for “fake” wood, but that’s not really the case. In fact, both engineered wood and “solid” hardwood, as naturally cut hardwood is called, are made with real wood. The difference is that engineered wood is made with several layers of wood stacked on top of each other, rather than maintaining [...]

Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2021

Hardwood flooring has always been a popular choice. Ever since childhood, we’ve loved the idea of flooring that we can slide across in our socks. It feels great, it’s easy to clean, and it looks classic. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t trends that stand out in the world of hardwood flooring. Here are a [...]

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing an Interior Wood Wall

An interior wood wall can warm the design of a room and serve as an attractive accent wall. It can be installed in a variety of ways, and of course you can use reclaimed wood to add character and ecofriendliness to your wood wall. But it’s not enough to simply know that you want an [...]

3 Benefits of a Reclaimed Wood Barn Door

These days barn doors are as complex as the modern barn itself. They often include glass, and they can be made in a wide variety of styles and with a wide variety of materials. You’re as likely to find a metal barn door as you are a wood barn door. But there’s something timeless about [...]

4 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood In Your Home

Reclaimed wood adds character and style to any element of your home, and it feels great to know that you’re giving new life to a recycled material. Like most construction or design materials, it can be used in a number of ways. You might have reclaimed wood on your walls or used as furniture. It [...]