How Reclaimed Wood Can Add Character Into Your Commercial Space

Going into the same workspace day in and day out can start to feel a little dull. This is especially problematic if the design of the commercial space itself is dull and uninspired. If you have a storefront, such as a restaurant or shop, or a hospitality business such as a hotel, the design needs […]

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5 Creative Uses of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a classic building material and surface option, but it’s becoming more and more popular in an age of conservation and efficiency. Not only does it reduce the need for raw material production, but reclaimed wood adds character to space, knowing that the wood has a history. Creative people also love to use […]

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Why Wood Countertops are Gaining in Popularity

Say goodbye to granite or quartz countertops. Wood countertops have always been a warm, lovely addition to any kitchen, but lately they’re making a comeback in popularity. Whether it’s extra counter space or a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table, wood is a beautiful option for your countertops. And you don’t have to […]

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