A wall accent stands out because of having a different color, design, or material from the rest of your home or business. Reclaimed lumber makes the best wall accents because of its aesthetic appeal and acts as a good insulator for heat. Here’s a brief guide on using reclaimed wood for wall accents.

How Do You Install A Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall?

Hire A Remodeling Contractor

Hiring a remodeling contractor is the best option if you don’t know much about woodwork. It’s easy to buy inferior quality materials and end up wasting money because of lacking professional advice.

The tips below will help you select the best contractor for your project…

1. Visit Places That Have Reclaimed Wood Accent Walls

The first step before hiring a contractor is having a broad look at the reclaimed wood accent walls within your neighborhood or city. These visits will help you gauge the quality of work and interact with owners who will share their experiences with different contractors.

2. Prepare Sufficient Resources For The Project

When you save enough money for your project, the contractor will have an easy time getting you the best materials and labor for your wood accent wall. The project also takes less time to complete due to the easy availability of resources.

Wall Accent DIY Tips

1. Select Accent Wall Panels That Have Adhesive Strips For Convenience

It’s easy to purchase a box of ready-made accent wall panels that don’t require any technical expertise. Since drilling holes into your wall can be costly and messy, the best move is getting wood accent panels that come with glue strips for sticking on the wall.

2. Make Your Accent Wall Stand Out

A wall accent is like jewelry because it’s built to draw attention. The first step before purchasing any material is identifying a room or area that isn’t overcrowded with furniture or artwork that might divert attention from the wall.

Get Creative With Reclaimed Wood!

Reclaimed wood also works well on exterior wall accents because it’s waterproof and doesn’t crack under the sun.