Reclaimed Cargo Planks


Are the Railcar planks safe to use for Kitchen ( food prep ) countertops?
We have Vintage planks ( 50 – 75 yrs old ) that may have been treated with chemical solutions that would not be allowed today by the EPA. For this reason, we stock railcar planks that we buy new from the manufacturer and distress ourselves so we know they are chemical free. We recommend these for any application in the kitchen ( countertops, center kitchen islands )

What type of wood is used for Railcar planks?
We only have Oak and Maple but occasionally we find Hickory and Mahogany

What type of wood is used for Cargo Planks?
Oak and Maple

How old are the Railcar planks?
Vintage planks are usually 50 – 75 yrs old. We also buy and distress new planks that have never been in a railcar.

How old are the Cargo planks?
30 – 40 yrs old

Can we ship the planks?
Yes, and we do almost every day. We ship out of Oklahoma City and ship anywhere in the USA and Canada. We put the cargo planks on a custom pallet built for that shipment and build crates for the Railcar planks.

How do we fill the holes in the Cargo planks?
We drill out the holes with a 5/8″ drill bit and fill the holes with 5/8″ dowell – this is the first step in the finishing process.

What type of finish do we use on Railcar and Cargo planks to seal them?
We use Poly Lacquer mostly but have used Paste wax, Tongue oil, and Linseed Oil, and on occasion, floated Epoxy.