Is your new house just a few finishing touches away from becoming your dream home? Need to spruce up an old home to suit your current tastes? Why not add some touches of reclaimed wood? Reclaimed Wood Solutions serves Ft. Worth, as well as San Antonio, Austin, East Texas, and even Portland, Oregon. We also ship wood throughout the United States. In Ft. Worth, however, you can come by and see our reclaimed wood for yourself and speak to a professional before you make a purchase.

All About Ft. Worth, Texas

Ft. Worth might not be as massive of a city as San Antonio, but it is the thirteenth largest city in the United States and rapidly growing. Though it once served as a trading post for cowboys back in the days of the Old West, today it is a hub of art and culture. However, it still pays homage to its cowboy days with rodeos and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. It is within commuting distance of Dallas, so many who work in Dallas hang their hat in Ft. Worth. You may even be a new resident of Ft. Worth looking for the perfect way to decorate your new home.

Reclaimed Wood For Your Ft. Worth Home

The rustic theme is popular throughout Texas, incorporating natural wood look and feel into the design of your home. Even a more contemporary design can be complimented by an occasional touch of natural wood. Reclaimed wood is the perfect choice for a few reasons. For one thing, it has that character you want for a rustic touch. This wood comes from old railcars and cargo boxes, so it’s lived several lives before reaching you. This is also the environmentally friendly choice, as it requires no materials to produce. Reclaimed wood can be used for countertops, tables, benches, doors, shelves, and even stairs.

Reclaimed Wood Solutions — Available in Ft. Worth, TX By Appointment

At Reclaimed Wood Solutions, we ship wood throughout the United States. But only in select cities can you make an appointment to come see the wood for yourself. You can talk to our representatives about the history of the reclaimed wood, the qualities of it, and how to use it in your home, as well as our most popular products. You can take a look at the wood available before making your purchase.

Interested in setting up an appointment? Contact Reclaimed Wood Solutions today for more information or to see our availability.

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