Reclaimed wood is a popular option for a number of reasons. You can enjoy the beauty of wood with character, knowing that wood has lived lives before it reached your table, cabinet, counter, or chair. You can also know that you’re protecting the environment by reducing the need for raw materials. If you’ve never used reclaimed wood before, you may have plenty of questions, and Reclaimed Wood Solutions is here to answer them. Here are some of the questions we’re often asked about reclaimed wood:

What Does “Reclaimed” Wood Mean?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been repurposed from old materials, rather than wood beams that have been newly produced from fresh cut lumber. Our wood is reclaimed from cargo boxes and old railcars. By reclaiming old wood, less wood products are sent to landfills, thus making reclaimed wood a more eco-friendly option. It also often retains some of its old character that can add to the design of your home.

What Problems Come With Reclaimed Wood?

Wood is an elegant building material, but like all building materials, it’s best to know about any potential challenges. Wood is porous, for instance, so it’s important to avoid getting it wet as much as possible. Many customers worry that reclaimed wood will be worn down and lacking in quality. But the right reclaimed wood company will know where to find high quality reclaimed wood that’s still in good condition and will last. Much like other building materials, it depends largely on who you buy your reclaimed wood from. Reclaimed wood also tends to come with more signs of distress and character, which can perfectly suit some home styles, but not all.

Is Reclaimed Wood Safe?

Reclaimed wood is as safe as any other wood. It’s organic, sturdy, and emits no volatile organic compounds. However, some wood finishes might emit VOCs, so it’s a good idea to ask about any wood finishes that might have been used on it. Much like the issue of whether there are any problems with reclaimed wood, if you choose the right reclaimed wood company, your reclaimed wood should be sturdy and any products made with it should be built to last, as wood is a naturally durable material.

What Can You Make From Reclaimed Wood?

You can make all manner of materials and furnishings from reclaimed wood. At Reclaimed Wood Solutions, we offer tables and wood beams. You can make countertops from reclaimed wood, cabinets out of reclaimed wood, and pretty much anything that can be made with any other kind of wood. You can even make a shelf by combining wood crates or building the shelf from scratch with the use of reclaimed wood planks.

Interested in incorporating pieces of reclaimed wood into your home or business’s design? Reclaimed Wood Solutions is happy to help. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment and see some of our reclaimed wood for yourself.