Your furniture benefits your home in multiple ways. It offers you a comfortable place to rest, to store your things, and it’s often some of the most important pieces of your home decor. Your furniture speaks to your tastes: your comfort, your aesthetic, your vision for your home. And there’s no better way to put your own stamp on your furniture than to build it yourself.

You might be daunted by the work of building your own furniture or worried about the time. If that’s the case, try to just make a piece or two yourself. On the other hand, you may be excited by the prospect of adventure. Here are a few reasons to build your own furniture:

Your Own Stamp, Completely

There are certain things that you just need to really be an expression of you: your first car, your wedding dress, your social media…and your furniture. You want people to walk into your home and get a sense of you. But it can be hard to find furniture that’s just right when browsing catalogues and searching through furniture stores. If you already have a vision in mind for a rustic dining room table or a funky vanity, then the best thing may be to build it yourself.

Learn a New Skill

Let’s be honest: 2020 has been rough, and social distancing mandates and quarantines have had many of us going a little stir-crazy. But you can combat those feelings of boredom and restlessness by tackling a new project, or better yet, learning a new skill. There’s never been a better time to try something that you haven’t before. It could be a fun exercise, could take up some of your time, and at the end of it, you might have another great piece of furniture. You could even make furniture for those around you if you take to it.

You Can Use Recycled or Reclaimed Products

If ecofriendliness is important to you, DIY furniture may be the perfect thing for you. By building your own furniture, you get to choose the materials — which also means you get to choose whether to use raw materials or something recycled or reclaimed. Recycled nylon could be great for an office chair, and reclaimed wood could offer the charm and character you need for that rustic coffee table or desk of your dreams.

There’s No Better Time for DIY

Once, if you didn’t have any carpentry skills, you would have to sign up for a class and pay hefty costs in order to learn how to build your own furniture. That’s not the case now. Now you can find youtube tutorials, articles on Google, and more….all for free. In the age of information, and with more free time on your hands this summer, it’s a great time of year to learn to build your own furniture.

Building your own furniture can be an exciting venture that could turn into a lifelong hobby or even a skill to share with others. If not that, it could lead to a great new table. Looking for reclaimed wood for your furniture? Contact Reclaimed Wood Solutions today for more information. We ship anywhere within the US.