The furniture you use for your home can be another way to express yourself, your tastes, what makes you happy. Whether it’s a coffee table or a kitchen table, a table made with reclaimed boxcar wood has a unique character that works well with a rustic home or simply a piece meant to draw the eye. But just like the character on the wood is unique, many boxcar wood tables look very distinct from one another. Stuck trying to develop an idea for a boxcar wood table? Here are a few of our favorite ideas for boxcar wood tables.


Don’t Paint

While it can be tempting to paint the table your favorite color in order to make it look more your own, you would lose out on the natural character of the wood. This reclaimed wood has already gone through several lives, as an old boxcar for a train and now as your table. It’s aged well, and you want to show off that charm. Instead, we recommend staining the table so that the wood looks clean and smooth, but still shows off every nick and groove. If you still want to paint, you might paint the legs of the table, or you can add a tablecloth for certain occasions.

Reclaimed Table Legs

You can add to the reclaimed charm of your table by finding reclaimed table legs. You might find wooden legs that once went to a table that had been taken apart, or you could find something more quirky for the true rustic look. Cast iron bench legs are sturdy and look wonderful with reclaimed boxcar wood. Looking for something more modern for a contrast? You can even pay homage to the boxcar origins with iron wheels for table legs. Consider something thin, sleek, and geometric. This will not only look great, but will add to the eco-friendliness of your table, since you’re not using raw material.

Add Pops of Color

Reclaimed boxcar wood looks earthy, homey, beautiful in its simplicity. But if you really want it to pop, adding subtle touches of color can really make the table stand out. We’ve already talked about painting the table legs. You can also consider a colorful centerpiece like bright, vibrant flowers. Colorful table mats might also do the trick, or you could surround the table with colorful chairs. Chairs with a more modern style can add a nice contrast to the table itself.

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