Throughout decades and home design trends that have come and gone, hardwood floors remain a popular option for any home. They look beautiful and help you to instantly feel at home. They add much needed character to streamlined modern homes and enhance the classic charm to more traditional designs. All of these appeals are only amplified when using reclaimed wood for your hardwood flooring.


At Reclaimed Wood Solutions, we offer reclaimed wood boards from old boxcars that can be used in your flooring. Considering reclaimed wood for your home? Here are some of the benefits of boxcar flooring that you can enjoy:

Reclaimed Charm

One of the best things about hardwood floors is the unique character that comes with every board of hardwood. The woodgrains are all unique and make your flooring different from the flooring of anyone else on your block, even if they all have hardwood floor. This is even more true when it comes to boxcar flooring. These boards come from old trees felled over a hundred years ago and used to make old train boxcars. They were since disassembled and reclaimed to become your hardwood flooring, with a history and a character that simply can’t be found with standard hardwood flooring.


There’s no question that we have a problem with deforestation in today’s society. Wood is a versatile, sturdy, and elegant material that can be used in many ways throughout our daily life, but too much raw lumber created without trees being planted to make up the difference can severely harm the environment. Fortunately, when you use reclaimed boxcar wood for your hardwood flooring, it requires no production of raw materials. You can have a beautiful, rustic hardwood floor while knowing that you’ve reduced your carbon footprint and done a small part to protect the environment.

Sturdy and Strong

Wood is beautiful, but it can also be high maintenance. It’s far too permeable to water damage and requires frequent staining in order to stay in shape. Over time, it can swell or rot and may need to be replaced. This is certainly true of hardwood floors made with new wood. However, reclaimed boxcar wood has already stood the test of time and remains strong to this day. This is because it was felled from an older tree that had more time to grow and become stronger. Reclaimed wood floors tend to be stronger and more durable than standard hardwood floors, in addition to the eco-friendliness and the beauty that you can enjoy.

Interested in reclaimed boxcar planks for your own home? Reclaimed Wood Solutions offers beautiful, hardy wood reclaimed from old boxcars to be used in a variety of ways in your home, including for wood flooring. Contact us today for more information on our reclaimed wood or to order some for yourself. We ship wood throughout the United States, and serve several locations throughout Texas where you can come in and see the wood for yourself.