Many homeowners, business owners, or interior designers love to use reclaimed wood for furniture, shelving, or accent walls. It has all the beauty of any other natural wood, plus the character that comes with wood that has been repurposed from a past life. Plus, reclaimed wood is a great option for the environment, as it requires no raw materials and cuts down (no pun intended) on deforestation. But is reclaimed wood just for interior design? Or can it be used outdoors?


Reclaimed Wood Can Be Used Outdoors

Let’s get the question out of the way first: yes, reclaimed wood can be used outdoors. Reclaimed wood is simply wood, built like any other and sometimes more durably than the wood that can be found today. It can be used for structures that will be mostly outdoors, as well as for outdoor surfaces. However, like any other wood materials you might use, it will require some maintenance. Wood — when exposed to the elements — can warp, rot, or swell. You can prevent this and keep your reclaimed wood in beautiful shape by performing proper outdoor maintenance.

Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Care

Reclaimed wood is often hardier than freshly cut wood, and has proven its durability over the course of decades. However, it will still require some maintenance in order to keep it healthy when exposed to the elements.

An oil finish will help protect your reclaimed wood from water permeation and thus help it retain its vibrancy and shape. You should apply two coats, an initial coat and a sealer coat in order to fully do the job.

If the reclaimed wood is used as decking or something on the ground, make sure to frequently sweep away any leaves, branches, and debris. If you have wood siding or wood fences, wash with a mixture of water and household cleaner.

How Reclaimed Wood Can Be Used Outdoors

As long as you care for your reclaimed wood, it can be used in any way that freshly caught wood can be used for your exteriors. Some examples include:

  • Decking or patio
  • Siding
  • Fence
  • Roof shakes
  • Treehouse for the kids
  • Flower or garden bed

You should use reclaimed wood where it can be seen, where the natural beauty and character of the wood can be shown off and used to boost your curb appeal. While reclaimed wood is still a great, eco-friendly solution for roof decking, it’s just more enjoyable when you can point to the piece with pride.

Reclaimed wood is a great addition to any space, inside or out. Interested in using reclaimed wood for your own home or business? Whatever your reclaimed wood needs might be, Reclaimed Wood Solutions offers planks from old railcar boxes and cargo boxes made hardy and beautiful and tested throughout time. We are located in Texas but ship to anywhere in the United States. Contact us today to learn more or order your own reclaimed wood today.