These days barn doors are as complex as the modern barn itself. They often include glass, and they can be made in a wide variety of styles and with a wide variety of materials. You’re as likely to find a metal barn door as you are a wood barn door. But there’s something timeless about the look and feel of a classic barn door, which is why we’ve begun to see so many “barn doors” incorporated in the home.You can use these for any kind of interior door, but especially for a door leading to a bathroom, a living space, or a hobby space. Here are a few benefits of incorporating a reclaimed wood barn door into your home:

The Rustic Charm

The rustic style is one that only seems to grow in popularity. In fact, rustic charm can be combined with other decor styles — such as the darker but more open industrial style that you might find in your favorite coffee shop, or the light and airy farmhouse style. A barn door works beautifully for both of these styles. It adds character to your home. It’s not something we see every day, so it stands out to your friends and family, usually in a pleasing way.

Easy Operation

Rustic charm is one thing, but you don’t want something clunky and inconvenient in your home for everyday use. Fortunately, a reclaimed wood barn door is neither clunky nor inconvenient. Reclaimed wood barn doors typically run on a track located at the top of the door. This makes them easy to slide open and closed. It also means you can easily install single or double barn doors. They can slide to overlap or they can meet in the center. The choice is yours!

An Eco-Conscious Decision

Many of us want to find ways to enhance the beauty and comfort of our homes without being wasteful. After all, there’s so much needlessly produced each year and we don’t want to add to any depletion of resources. But with a barn door made of reclaimed wood, you’re not producing new materials. You’re simply making use of wood that had already been cut, used, and reclaimed. The more use we make of reclaimed wood, the more we can reduce deforestation and our environmental impact. When you look at your reclaimed wood barn doors, you’ll know you’re doing your part to preserve the earth.


Our reclaimed wood comes from old cargo boxes and railcar planks first made decades ago. This wood comes with a history and a character all its own, which makes it perfect for the unique character of barn doors in your home’s interior. Thinking about using reclaimed wood in your home, whether for barn doors, furniture, or possibly wood beams? Reclaimed Wood Solutions is located in Texas but ships throughout the United States. Contact us today to learn more about the reclaimed wood we offer or to order some of your own.