Say goodbye to granite or quartz countertops. Wood countertops have always been a warm, lovely addition to any kitchen, but lately they’re making a comeback in popularity. Whether it’s extra counter space or a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table, wood is a beautiful option for your countertops. And you don’t have to rely on new wood, either. Reclaimed wood is often used to make beautiful countertops. Here are a few of the reasons wood countertops are “in” this year.


More Hygienic

Hygiene is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now. It’s more important than ever to wipe down surfaces and keep them clean so as to slow the spread of disease, from common spring colds to the infamous coronavirus. In this way, wood is an excellent choice because it already comes with built-in, natural protection against bacteria. Wood countertops can be cleaned with a simple combination of soap and water (in fact, because of the porous nature, it’s a good idea to avoid using harsh chemicals).

Easy to Repair

Imagine the cost of having to correct blemishes in marble, granite, or quartz countertops. Maybe it’s something you’ve experienced yourself. Sometimes the trouble and cost is so great that homeowners leave their countertops as is. Fortunately, wood countertops are easy and affordable to repair when damaged. Simply sanding them down and re-staining the wood will smooth out any unappealing dents or scratches.


When you use reclaimed wood for your wood countertops, you’re getting beautiful new countertops that don’t require the use of any new materials to produce. This makes reclaimed wood countertops one of the most eco-friendly options. And if you decide to switch out your countertops down the road, you can simply recycle the wood material so that it can be reclaimed once more and that wood can move on to its next eco-friendly life.

Stunning Character

The beautiful character of wood is hard to beat. The natural lines, grains, and grooves of the wood all come together to create a unique look with every wooden surface. Reclaimed wood has even more character. At Reclaimed Wood Solutions, our wood comes from cargo containers, freight trailers, and railcars. They’re deeply distressed, showing the hard lives they’ve lived before coming together to form your wood countertop. The result is a beautiful, rustic appearance that can’t be found with any other kind of countertop.

These are just a few of the many reasons wood countertops are gaining in popularity, but keep in mind that due to the porous nature of wood, your countertops will need to have a protective finish and that you should avoid the use of harsh chemicals on these countertops. Looking for the perfect wood to form your wood countertops? At Reclaimed Wood Solutions, we offer cargo planks and railcar planks. Contact us today to order wood for your own reclaimed wood countertops or to schedule an appointment to see the wood for yourself.