Rustic weddings are a popular theme these days, even for those who live in the city. So often, we’re so inundated with all the hectic elements of modern life that we crave a simpler time and simpler setting. Rustic weddings incorporate natural elements, often in the outdoors or in a beautifully simplistic outdoor venue. They offer an escape from the rat race. And reclaimed wood is perfect decor for rustic weddings.


What Is the Rustic Wedding Theme?

Rustic weddings take on a bit of a soft country or cottagecore vibe for your wedding’s decor. They often blend indoor and outdoor elements, if it’s not an outdoor wedding altogether. Here you might find woven tablecloths, drink out of mason jars, see vines and herbs hanging from the walls, and of course, plenty of natural wood. Anything that looks natural and full of character goes. These weddings can also take on a sort of ethereal nature because of the way they utilize outdoor elements.

Why Reclaimed Wood Is Perfect For a Rustic Wedding

Wood is always a big part of any rustic themed wedding, but reclaimed wood is truly perfect for the occasion. Reclaimed wood carries with it the character of its past uses. It comes with notches and grooves that were made long ago, and sometimes even the shape and patterns of old cargo planks or railcar planks. Reclaimed wood is rustic, and is often used in rustic designs. Thus it’s often the go-to for those who want a truly authentic rustic wedding theme.

Where To Use Reclaimed Wood in a Rustic Wedding

Wood is a sturdy, versatile material that can be used in a number of ways. Reclaimed wood is no exception. Here are a few ways you might use it in your wedding:


  • A dining table. Make a long dining table for all your guests out of reclaimed wood so they can enjoy the sight and feel of it while they have cake to celebrate your big day. You can even make chairs out of reclaimed wood.
  • An arch. Want to stand under a big, romantic arch for your rustic themed wedding day? Consider using reclaimed wood, and weaving ivy or other vines throughout it to add a more natural touch.
  • Support beams. If you’re setting up a tent or pavillion of some sort for your reception, you can use reclaimed wood for beautiful, distinguished support beams that are sure to help the party go as long as you want.
  • A backdrop. Often, people make artistic wooden backdrops to enhance the decor of the space. Consider making a beautiful backdrop out of reclaimed wood for your wedding.

Reclaimed wood is a must-have for a rustic themed wedding. Are you looking for the perfect beams for your big day? Reclaimed Wood Solutions offers beautiful reclaimed wood that came from cargo planks and railcars, perfect for the occasion. Best of all, we ship anywhere within the US. Contact us today for more information or to order your own reclaimed wood.