Sometimes you want to make a design statement in your home without having to completely gut the room. Rather than redoing all of the walls, you can create an accent wall that draws the eye and determines the full impression of the room. Your accent wall should stand out from the other walls and be a representation of your favorite design styles. You can enhance your accent wall with reclaimed wood. The only question is how you want to incorporate that.

Consider Your Design Style

There are many design styles that could benefit from the unique character of reclaimed wood. The rustic style is popular here in Texas, utilizing quaint character and the natural look and feel of wood. When combined with wrought iron or other metal, you can also create an accent wall for an industrial styled room. Reclaimed wood can be used to make planks that resemble shiplap, which is perfect for a farmhouse style or cozy cottage sort of feeling. If you need to create any of these design styles on a budget, an accent wall using reclaimed wood could be the way to go.


Staggered and Stained Planks

You can use reclaimed wood planks that line up perfectly, creating a symmetrical and smooth accent wall. But why not do something that draws more attention to the character of reclaimed wood? You can stagger the wooden planks along the accent wall so that it looks more varied. Some homeowners actually allow some of the planks to be slightly raised, to vary up the texture as well.

You can even vary up the stain used for each plank, so that the wall has multiple shades to draw the eye. Some homeowners will even paint certain planks a nice blue or red for a pop of color, while letting others stand on the natural beauty of the reclaimed wood.

Floating Shelves

Maybe your accent wall can be a place to show off your many books, your plants, or your favorite knick-knacks. Rather than using reclaimed wood for the surface of the accent wall, you can use it to create shelves that jut out from the accent wall and show off your favorite belongings. These shelves can be long, running across the wall, or short shelves staggered artfully across the wall. This allows your belongings to be the accent that draws the eye, a true representation of your personality.

The design for your accent wall is up to you. With reclaimed wood, there are any number of possibilities. At Reclaimed Wood Solutions, we offer stunning reclaimed wood that came from cargo planks and railcars and are perfect for tables, benches, beams and — of course — decor for your accent wall. We are located in Texas but ship anywhere in the United States. Contact us today to order your reclaimed wood.