In whatever way we can, we all want to do our part to better the environment. This may mean recycling or taking the bus into work (or carpooling) rather than driving. Your home design or furnishings can also be a way to better the environment, depending on the materials you use. Reclaimed wood not only looks great, but it can be a boon for an eco-friendly homeowner trying to find the right furnishings for their home. Here are a few ways that reclaimed wood is better for the environment than other materials:


It’s Recycled

You won’t have to worry about raw materials being produced when you take on a project with reclaimed wood. This wood has already been cut and shaved down into planks for railcars or cargo board planks. This will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and the more popular reclaimed wood becomes, the less need we have to cut down trees in order to get the wood we need.

It’s Recyclable

It’s not just that reclaimed wood is a recycled product — it’s also recyclable. If you decide to take down your reclaimed wood wall, you can pass the wood off to its next life by recycling it. If you replace your reclaimed wood coffee table, you might sell or give away the coffee table so that someone else can get use out of it for a discount, or you can take it apart and recycle it. This cycle continues, further reducing the need to cut down trees for your home design.

It’s Energy Efficient

Wood has a great natural thermal performance, making it an excellent natural insulator. You might enjoy the benefits of this if you install a reclaimed wood wall in your home. By helping to keep your home comfortable even when it’s cold outside, you may be able to save a little bit on your heating bills. This difference will likely be a less drastic one in the grand scheme of using reclaimed wood to protect the environment, but every little bit helps.

No Paint Required

The more chemicals we put into the air, the more the ozone layer can eventually become depleted. However, when it comes to reclaimed wood, you might be able to conserve a bit here. Reclaimed wood is naturally beautiful, full of varied colors and knots of character and past lives. You likely will not have to paint your reclaimed wood furnishings. At most, you might need to stain them occasionally in order to keep them in shape.

Looking for an eco-friendly and beautiful solution to your home design, or even corporate office design? Reclaimed Wood Solutions can help. We have beautiful reclaimed wood from railcar planks and cargo boxes. This wood is often used for wooden beams, tables, accent walls, and more. It all depends on what you need for your space. Contact us today for more information or to have reclaimed wood delivered to you, anywhere in the United States.