There are many ways to use reclaimed wood in your home. As we’ve established in previous blogs, one popular way to do so is with a reclaimed wood accent wall. Shiplap accent walls are particularly popular in Texas, and reclaimed wood has the character and texture needed to really make them stand out. Here are a few different ways that you might install a reclaimed wood wall in your home, for an accent wall or otherwise.



Often wood accent walls and shiplap seem interchangeable concepts. Shiplap can simply refer to a wood accent wall that’s made to take on the look of shiplap siding, often used to cover barns and the like. However, shiplap specifically refers to a type of interlocking wooden board that makes them easy to install and connect. This can be done in a number of ways, but is most often horizontal and painted white or some light color. However, shiplap can be left to the natural look of the wood in order to exemplify that rustic beauty. This can suit anything from a contemporary home to a more rustic cottage aesthetic.


Another way to install a reclaimed wood wall is through vertical panels. Vertical wood panels can make the room seem taller, and they offer a stately appearance for hanging pictures and other decor on the walls. A vertical wall can give the room the feeling of a wooden cabin, a room that serves as a retreat right within your home. You can vary it up by staining the wood in various colors, adding depth to your reclaimed wood wall. On the other hand, using the same stain or paint for all of them will allow it to look more uniform and blend into the background.


Whether horizontal or vertical, one option is to stagger the reclaimed wood boards. Reclaimed wood has a unique character and texture due to its past lives as cargo boxes, railcar boxes, and so on. You can stay true to the quirks of the wood by staggering the wood when installed. If you install horizontally, this means cutting the second row of reclaimed wood boards so that the edge falls only halfway through the length of the first board. As you continue to install, it will create a pleasantly uneven or staggered effect. The same thing can be done with vertical installation, but facing upwards instead.

These are just a few ways to install a reclaimed wood wall, but first you need the right reclaimed wood. At Reclaimed Wood Solutions, our reclaimed wood has been carefully preserved since its life in cargo boxes or as railcar planks, and can be used for a variety of purposes in your home. We are located in Texas, but we ship anywhere within the United States. Contact Reclaimed Wood Solutions today to learn more or to order reclaimed wood for yourself.