Reclaimed wood can be an inexpensive, creative and affordable way to update your interior without spending a lot of money. Reclaimed timber is rising in popularity week by week. It is not surprising that people who grew up with polished artificial surfaces are falling in love the warmth and beauty of wood. Reclaimed wood can be difficult to incorporate in modern spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom. This task is much easier when it comes down to the bedroom. The most sought-after choice is undoubtedly the reclaimed wooden feature wall.

Reclaimed wood walls give bedrooms a sense of calm, a welcoming aura and a natural charisma that set them apart from the rest. Reclaimed wood walls can transform any bedroom into a tranquil, private sanctuary. Here are 25 bedrooms that embrace this trend with joy. These bedrooms will hopefully inspire you to follow the trend!

Modern and contemporary bedrooms can have a reclaimed wood accent wall. It adds texture contrast but not too much color. It is best to choose a subtle wood finish so that it doesn’t disrupt the existing color scheme of the room. Reclaimed wood is most often used to clad the headboard wall. This tried-and-true method is timeless. For a more stunning reclaimed wood wall, you can choose wooden planks in chevron and herringbone patterns.

The reclaimed wood wall creates a natural feel in modern bedrooms. Wood’s unique texture and warmth are a show-stopper when placed in urban settings. Concrete, stone, and glass make reclaimed wood even more beautiful with its unique look and flavor. How rustic your bedroom will feel depends on the type of reclaimed timber you select, its richness, distress finish, and overall appeal.

Contrary to the contemporary bedroom, the rustic bedroom’s accent wall can be covered with reclaimed wood. The room will feel more like a cozy holiday cabin if the material is used on more than one wall. This adds woodsy charm to the room and reduces construction costs. It also gives the bedroom an aged, classic look that the shelves cannot match.

Before fully accepting a design element or ornament, it is important to consider its adaptability and versatility. This is where reclaimed wood shines, since it can be used in a variety of bedroom styles and themes. Reclaimed wood can be used in a variety of styles, including farmhouse, industrial, shabby chic, and minimalist. You will be captivated by the beauty of reclaimed wood in your bedroom.

Distress  wood adds character and contrast, so it’s important to keep the rest simple and unadorned. A cluttered environment can be created by too many colors, textures, and unneeded accessories. This exceptional addition will let your bedroom decor shine and not detract from its natural beauty.