4 Maintenance Tips for a Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed wood furniture is more than just eco-friendly. It’s also beautiful, full of notches and character that comes from the past lives of those particular furniture pieces. A reclaimed wood table is perfect for a rustic dining room or coffee table. It might even serve as a desk for you. But as with any furniture, [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Installing a Reclaimed Wood Wall

Wood panel walls were popular in the mid-20th century, but in 2020, our ideas of wood walls are a bit more creative. The rustic, earthy style has come back into fashion, but today it’s often less vertical panels and more horizontal boards with rich character and variation. That’s why reclaimed wood makes such a good [...]

How Reclaimed Wood Can Add Character Into Your Commercial Space

  Going into the same workspace day in and day out can start to feel a little dull. This is especially problematic if the design of the commercial space itself is dull and uninspired. If you have a storefront, such as a restaurant or shop, or a hospitality business such as a hotel, the design [...]