Reclaimed Wood in Ft. Worth, Texas

Is your new house just a few finishing touches away from becoming your dream home? Need to spruce up an old home to suit your current tastes? Why not add some touches of reclaimed wood? Reclaimed Wood Solutions serves Ft. Worth, as well as San Antonio, Austin, East Texas, and even Portland, Oregon. We also [...]

Reclaimed Wood in Dallas, Texas

Your home’s design should look like you. It should be a reflection of your tastes, a collection of the things that make you feel most comfortable. For many homeowners, that includes showcasing natural wood with unique character, like reclaimed wood. Reclaimed Wood Solutions operates out of Texas, with a location in nearby Ft. Worth where [...]

The Benefits of Boxcar Flooring

Throughout decades and home design trends that have come and gone, hardwood floors remain a popular option for any home. They look beautiful and help you to instantly feel at home. They add much needed character to streamlined modern homes and enhance the classic charm to more traditional designs. All of these appeals are only [...]

3 Ideas For a Boxcar Wood Table

The furniture you use for your home can be another way to express yourself, your tastes, what makes you happy. Whether it’s a coffee table or a kitchen table, a table made with reclaimed boxcar wood has a unique character that works well with a rustic home or simply a piece meant to draw the [...]

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Indoor Wood Paneling

There’s something warm and homey about indoor wood paneling, especially with reclaimed wood which already has plenty of character from its past lives. However, sometimes you need color and light for the room to really thrive. You  Because of that, you might consider painting your wood paneling. This will allow you to enjoy the character [...]

Reclaimed Wood in Austin,Texas

When looking to add unique details to your home, look no farther than Reclaimed Wood Solutions. We ship high quality reclaimed wood all over the United States, and we have offices in Austin, Texas for your convenience. Set up an appointment to drop by and see the reclaimed wood yourself and speak to a representative [...]

Reclaimed Wood in San Antonio, Texas

Looking for reclaimed wood to add the perfect finishing touches to your dream home? Reclaimed Wood Solutions ships reclaimed wood all over the United States, but as we operate out of San Antonio Texas, we have certain convenient service areas — including San Antonio Texas. If you live in San Antonio, you can come to [...]

Reclaimed Wood For a Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic weddings are a popular theme these days, even for those who live in the city. So often, we’re so inundated with all the hectic elements of modern life that we crave a simpler time and simpler setting. Rustic weddings incorporate natural elements, often in the outdoors or in a beautifully simplistic outdoor venue. They [...]

4 Maintenance Tips for a Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed wood furniture is more than just eco-friendly. It’s also beautiful, full of notches and character that comes from the past lives of those particular furniture pieces. A reclaimed wood table is perfect for a rustic dining room or coffee table. It might even serve as a desk for you. But as with any furniture, [...]

How Reclaimed Wood is Better for the Environment

In whatever way we can, we all want to do our part to better the environment. This may mean recycling or taking the bus into work (or carpooling) rather than driving. Your home design or furnishings can also be a way to better the environment, depending on the materials you use. Reclaimed wood not only [...]