Reclaimed wood is a classic building material and surface option, but it’s becoming more and more popular in an age of conservation and efficiency. Not only does it reduce the need for raw material production, but reclaimed wood adds character to space, knowing that the wood has a history. Creative people also love to use it in unique ways to make space stand out. Here are a few creative ways to use reclaimed wood.



The weathered appearance to reclaimed wood is sure to add character and warmth to your kitchen cabinets or even custom storage cabinetry. You can add classic iron hardware to the wood in order to give it a barn door feeling or find elements that speak to the origin of the reclaimed wood. For instance, much of our wood planks come from railcars and cargo containers. Accentuating these elements can really make your reclaimed wood cabinets stand out.

Floating Shelves

Looking for more storage? Consider adding floating shelves made out of reclaimed wood. Floating shelves add a level of vertical storage, giving you more space without taking away from the floor space in the room. They allow the space to feel more open and even quirky. The warmth of reclaimed wood adds to that quirky atmosphere.

Accent Wall

Mix and match boards of reclaimed wood in order to create an eclectic accent wall to draw the eye. You can let the natural color of the wood speak for itself or you can paint. Some particularly eclectic home decorators like to stagger the boards and paint some boards different colors while leaving other boards natural. This kind of accent wall is perfect for a vanity or statement wall hangings like funky clocks and art.


Hardwood floor has always been a popular option. It’s warm, smooth, and something about it feels homey. Reclaimed hardwood flooring can be a boon for multiple reasons. First, it requires no raw materials in order to manufacture, so it helps to protect the environment. It also adds more character to your flooring. The knots and coloring all speak to the past life of the wood, which makes a classy and interesting impression on those who see the room.


Want a countertop that has a butcher’s block feeling to it? Maybe you’re more interested in a quirky dining room table or coffee table where you and your friends or family can play games. Reclaimed wood makes a surface that’s hard to take your eyes off of. It’s sturdy and beautiful. It adds natural outdoor beauty to your indoor space and complements modern designs as well as classic.

Have any ideas for your own reclaimed wood projects? First, you need to find the right reclaimed wood. At Reclaimed Wood Solutions in Keller, Texas, we offer cargo planks, railcar planks, tables, and beams all of reclaimed wood. Contact us today to learn more or to order some reclaimed wood for yourself, and good luck with your creative design projects!